About uElect

Our mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country Pakistan

uElect is a youth-founded and youth-led non-partisan, non-for-profit campaign with the mission to engage and build political power of young people in Pakistan. This is to be achieved through realizing three explicit objectives: increasing youth voter turnout, empowering the youth to make informed and rational choices during vote and giving critical insight into the accomplishments and failures of all the political parties and the winning candidate of each constituency. uElect heavily relies on the use of ICT to collect and process data to make it intelligible to the general populace. Our website contains complete information about demographics, statistics and the political dynamics of the each constituency. Manifestoes of the leading political parties have been compared and a report is published on this website for the voters and interested audience to form their own opinions.

The Life & Soul Of uElect Pakistan

Shaan M Khan Founder & President

Shaan M Khan is the co-founder and CEO of uExel, a software house based in Islamabad. He is a software Engineer by profession but his passion to work for social change has already awaken the Social Entrepreneur inside him; he has co-founded the uElect Pakistan, which aims to promote and support interactive democracy and engage youth in democratic activities and legislations through new technologies. Shaan also advocates freedom of expression and open internet. Not only this, He is also among the founding members of many other youth networks such as Social Democracy Youth Network Pakistan,dositfy.. As an individual, he is approachable and responsive. He serves as motivational figure for the community, especially for the youth of his area i.e. Gilgit Baltistan. He delivers lectures and keynote speeches on use of ICT and social media for social good,at various universities and colleges,workshops nationally as well as internationally.. His favorite quotation is: 'If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito'. African proverb.

His favorite quotation is:

'If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito'. African proverb.

Mustafa Kamal Co-Founder & VP

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Riaz Cxharal Co-Founder & GS

RA Cxharal is a graduate of Political Science and an aspiring diplomat. He keenly observes national and global political issues. He has briefly worked at a Public Policy institute and at an NGO. An ardent Third Worldist and a social activist, he campaigns for a progressive Pakistan and an equitable and egalitarian international order. And believes in Pakistan’s youth to steer the nation out of the current morass. He reads extensively on post-colonialism, empire, on Sufism and loves music and Urdu poetry. His favorite quotation is:

'All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power, not truth'- Nietzsche.
Favorite couplet is:
Wo Zinda hum hain ki hain rooshnaas-e-khalq ay Khizr Na tum k ichor banay umr-e-javedaan kay liye –Ghalib

He is moved by the personality of Dara Shikoh Babar, Frantz Fanon and the kind words of dedication of JS Mill to his wife and Ali Shariati's glorification of Louis Massignon. He can be reached here.

Khadija Ali     Exective Board Member

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” -Walt Whitman

Khadija Ali is a practicing lawyer, social activist and a Lecturer on Constitutional and Administrative Law who has dedicated her legal knowledge for the cause of human rights in Pakistan. She is a dynamic and proactive personality who doesn’t take “No” for an answer. Khadija’s forte includes pro-women laws and their implementation strategies. However, she has undertaken and delivered extensive work on democracy and the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment.

Khadija’s other area of interest is counter militancy in Pakistan. Her work on counter militancy is the closest to her heart. She is a proud member of uElect and has lent her legal expertise for the development and future progress of the Organization. Other than her professional endeavours, Khadija is a die-hard Sufi fan and loves to lose herself to the renditions of our cultural Sufi music. She believes that the art of dance is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences for mankind. She believes that “dance is when the essence of music resonates through one’s soul.”

Shahryar Malik     Board Member

Shahryar is currently working as a management consultant in New York. Shahryar was inspired to work on electoral transparency in Pakistan after samping governance and anti-corruption issues during a fellowship placement with a non-profit in Washington D.C. Shahryar studied Economics and Public Policy in Stanford, California. He is helping the UElect team develop a platform to use technology to improve election monitoring

Mukesh Meghwar          Board Member

Basically I am belonging form district Badin Sindh’s little village Kapri Mori. I am confident Socio political activist, and I am student of Psychology 3rd year and LLB part I as well. I am the co-founder member of Pakistan’s first Hindu right newspaper Weekly Sandesh, and Board member of Pakistan’s leading Youth forum “Progressive Youth Forum Pakistan. I also got 2 months leadership training from Mehergarh (A Center for Learning Islamabad). I have conducted 2 trainings of voter Education in Badin. I am master trainer of Anti Sexual Harassment Law.

Sidra Saeed                 Board Member

Sidra Saeed has got higher education in the field of Biotechnology and research in Human Medical Genetics. Since her student life she has remained involved in volunteering for multiple youth groups working for science awareness and political awakening of young people. She is more inclined towards political mainstreaming of youth and believes that researchers and scientists need to be involved in the democratic process of the country as well. Her paper on “Women in Science in Third World” has been published in Aden University (Yemen) Journal.

Sidra envisions working in the field of science & policy in future and on the social aspect of pure sciences.

Public API for Developers

We have public API for developers to develop cool apps for elections and general use

Strengthen Our Hands

Your urge to help through finances is acknowledged and admired. But we regret to inform you that we don't accept donations. You can help us by spreading the message or by offering your special talents that may aid the spirit of the campaign.

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Join Us

All of us are concerned about the abysmal state of affairs in Pakistan. We always complain of feeling helpless when in fact there are many ways to reach out and help for what you consider most important. Complaining has never solved a problem in history but sustained effort however small or seemingly insignificant has added up to do wonders. Let’s beat the defeatism permeating us and also transcend ourselves to something larger than ourselves and do something. The very fact that you are reading this proves that you are Each one of you who has come to this page shows that you are motivated to make a difference and count for something. In man/woman life, there comes a point when he/she realizes the importance to rise above oneself and work for something larger than himself/herself. This might be your moment. So write to us about your talents, skills and motivation to help us gather data from each constituency of National Assembly. We need one representative from each constituency. The volunteer must have a sound understanding and relevant information on that constituency.

We need volunteers from each political party or active citizens or political workers or students who can provide information on their respective constituencies and candidates. Jiyalas (PPP), Tigers (PMLN), Tabdeeli Razakaars(PTI), Khidmatgars (ANP), and MQM are especially requested to volunteer from each constituency.

We're looking for volunteers. Catch us on info@uelect.org.pk to Join Us.