Are you a citizen?

A citizen is like a center of gravity in a democratic system. If this central point is out of order, then the whole system losses its balance and eventually leads to catastrophic situation. Strong democracy demands active and aware citizens who know their rights and responsibilities.
Voting for the elections is not only right but much bigger responsibility of every citizen. Blaming weak leadership and making it grounds for not voting is the biggest “sin” a person can do. The beauty of democracy lies in the unique “filtration process” through which weak leadership can be taken aside by voting for others. Every single vote counts and can change results in remarkable way. It also gives a thought process to emerging new leaders by looking deep into citizen welfare, as they then know that a well aware citizen cannot be made fool. Thus, responsible citizens generate responsible leaders.
A citizen must not be like a tree which cannot do anything if it is wilting due to lack of water. A citizen must be a perfect combination of rights and responsibilities that fit into each other like lock and key. The land of Pakistan is home to about 180 million people and this home is not made of 4 walls; It is made up of 180 million walls. If even one wall weakens and falls down, the rest of the walls will also be not able to stand upright. But, if one strong wall will be able to support other weak wall, the rest of the home will remain integrated. Be a wall to others…be an active citizen and an example for them!

By: Sidra Saeed uElect Team Member

  • Raza Dotani

    Yeah there are people, who claims the well wishers of the nation but ask people to vote for none. They just spoil our properity and a strong democratic Pakistan


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