MNA Khurshed Begum

The Manifesto is divided into the following parts:-

The Preamble

I  Internal Affairs 

1.  Peace and Security

2.  Political, Legal and Administrative
3.  Social, Economic & Fiscal Reforms

4.  Provincial Autonomy

  •  i.  Education
  • ii.  Health
  • iii.   Population Planning and Well-Being
  • iv.  Labour Rights and Development
  • v  Youth Development & Employment
  • vi  Agriculture
  • vii.  Environment
  • viii.  Industry & technical advancement
  • ix.  Art and Culture
  • x  Sports &Tourism
  • xi  Information and Technology

II. Human Rights

  • 1.   Women’s Rights and Empowerment
  • 2.  Children’s Rights
  • 3.  Minorities Rights and Empowerment
  • 4.  Old age and people with disabilities

III. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

IV.  External Affairs


The Awami National Party (ANP) draws its inspiration from the example and teachings of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, affectionately known to his people as Baacha Khan. With peace and non violence as his guiding principles, he spent his entire life in the ceaseless and unrelenting struggle in the cause of freedom and justice, and against all kinds of injustice, oppression and exploitation. He and his Khudai Khidmatgars supplied the vanguard of the tremendously demanding fight for the liberation of South Asia against the great imperial and colonial power of the day, and rendered, in that path, sacrifices which were matchless and which have remained a beacon for those who seek justice and rights.  He aimed and strove not only to liberate the masses of South Asia, particularly his own people, the Pakhtuns, from the shackles of foreign domination, oppression and exploitation, but also to rid his own people of the curse of poverty, ignorance, harmful customs and biases, internal disharmony and political inertia.  He wanted both political and social justice for all peoples and nations, and wished that all peoples and nations should live in freedom, with internal peace and justice, and with mutual accommodation and cooperation on International level.  In sum, in Bacha Khan’s scheme of things politics and public service was two sides of the same coin.

Khurshed Begum Social Timeline